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Known as an intersectional thought-leader, Preston fights for the rights of marginalized groups and uses intersectionality as more than a buzzword. Preston believes it is vital for the Black LGBTQ+ community to be proud of who we are because we often don’t see images of our nuance, complexity, and beauty. We can be our own powerful representations.

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Washington Post
Bowser on Casa Ruby ClosureBowser on Casa Ruby Closure
July 18, 2022
By Casey Parks
New York Times
The U.S. Has a New Crisis Hotline...The U.S. Has a New Crisis Hotline...
July 15, 2022
By Aimee Ortiz and Steve Eder
State Of Success
Had I Known: Preston MitchumHad I Known: Preston Mitchum
June 23, 2022
By Taylor Watkins
The Sacramento Observer
Summer Can Be Hard for Black LGBTQ StudentsSummer Can Be Hard for Black LGBTQ Students
June 10, 2022
By Maya Pottiger, Word In Black
Mother Jones
How the LGBT Community Can Fight...How the LGBT Community Can Fight...
Jan 14, 2017
By Brandon E. Patterson
Southern ExposureSouthern Exposure
Jan 9, 2017
By Rod McCullom